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Pangea Biomedics

Pangea is a team of therapists, caregivers, and medical professionals dedicated to the advancement of the clinical research & therapeutic utility of iboga. Over 17 years, we have worked passionately and diligently to develop an evidence-based approach that gently addresses the unique needs & goals of each individual. Rooted in harm reduction, radical acceptance & science-backed research, our protocols are geared both toward recovering both psycho-bio-social homeostasis as well as equanimity, agency and unconditional positive self-regard, irrespective of where on the spectrum of health you may currently find yourself.

About Us



In addition to mitigating physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms from a variety of substances, iboga can prompt deep insight into habituated behaviors that are physically, mentally, emotionally & socially debilitating, allowing us to discover novel, more loving ways of relating to ourselves and the world.

Our Work

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