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Depression is the most common professionally and self diagnosed psychiatric condition. There are many theoretical explanations for its complex & endemic proportions development. From genetic predisposition, epigenetics, neurochemical deficiencies, physiological responses such as miscommunication between brain cells1, ACE scores, trauma, diet, & chemical dependencies, we are a species in crisis.

However, there does not seem to be a comprehensive way to confirm a clinical diagnosis, and a growing number of medical professionals and former psychiatrists propose that not enough is known about the condition for psychiatric medications to be an effective or even safe treatment, especially considering the unknown long-term negative effects. 

In order to manage similar symptoms, millions of Americans, and a growing number of people around the world, take SSRI’s, SFRI's and often a cocktail of psychiatric medications to manage every life.. The withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the use of SSRI anti-depressants can be protracted, and intolerable for many, and there are even class action lawsuits against makers of certain anti-depressants.

Our Protocol

Our basic protocol for depression has two main components. Many individuals who have used iboga to cease decade(s) long psychiatric medication dependency successfully when stopping alone proved simply impossible. Further, a proper diet and certain suplemantaion is necessary, especially for those with chronic acute depression. 

Iboga has been shown to have positive results for depressive symptoms, at least in the short term. However, iboga is a tool as we know and can not cure depression with a single flood dose of ibogaine. Many are left with depressive symptoms, especially in cases where the condition is chronic and they have experienced sever trauma. 

Ibogaine alone cannot treat depression. There are fundamental neurochemical & biopsychosocial  factors that need continued support.

Polyvagal theory (citation) seems to be the most effective model that currently addresses the complexity of anxiety and depression as well as our ability to "coregulate". We utilize certain elements of Stephen Porges brilliant discoveries in our work, and encourage anyone seeking help to investigate it. 

We offer our orthomolecular protocol to anyone who wishes to begin improving their mind-body wellness immediately.

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