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About Pangea

Image by Benjamín Gremler
Our Mission

Pangea is dedicated to facilitating the awakening of all human beings to our ultimately free and joyful natural state using self-inquiry, mindful language techniques, and plant medicine therapy. With clear perception, humans are capable of evolving beyond and indeed utilizing trauma and harmful inherited cultural and personal myths in order to thrive and live as empowered creative beings, grounded in an awareness of our own basic goodness.

“The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment.”

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

How We Work

Since 2006, we have continually refined and augmented our approach in order to best serve each individual client in the most comprehensive and enduring manner. Today, we administer ibogaine in incremental, cumulative doses over the course of several days or weeks. This allows an individual to gently acclimate to and develop a comfortable relationship with this medicine, while the navigation of daily life and decision-making processes are benefitted by the neuroplastic, novelty-promoting effects of ibogaine. We have found this to provide a gentle, safe and humane experience, as well as being fruitful in the long-term, as insights gathered may more readily be integrated and anchored into one’s life and mental landscape.

Our role is to meet our clients with deep respect an appreciation for where they are, establish clear and attainable goals together, and identify current blocks and the appropriate desired tools to address areas of concern. We support the realization and expression of embodied health and wholeness by using somatic therapies, exercise/movement, conscious language awareness, inquiry, Polyvagal theory elements and a variety of other evidence-based tools that may or may not resonate with each individual's unique aims.

Our process includes a strong emphasis on nutrition in all of its forms: physical, social, informational, etc. We use superfoods, pre- and probiotics, amino acids and plant extracts to revitalize the body, strengthen the immune system and repair neurological damage caused by stress, trauma, and substance use. We create a personalized nutritional protocol for each client that is continually adjusted prior to, during and after treatment.

These applications can result in fundamental shifts in thinking and behavior, as well as a marked increase in quality of life. Pangea has collaborated with people with varying degrees of physical health in order to access their innate intelligence and become aware of their agency involved in healing. Beyond that, we have seen that this process of self-discovery is an opportunity for clients to regenerate and reconnect in a novel way not only with themselves, but their personal, community and economic relationships as well.

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