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Sustainability of Iboga

Pangea uses a couple of forms of iboga and ibogaine HCL. The raw plant material & the majority of the purified extracts in the world are produced from the root bark of tabernanthe iboga, a perennial shrub native to West Africa. Unfortunately, there are many suppliers with plants of unknown or illegal origin, thus it is essential that a thorough investigation of the origin of the medicine consumed is, for both political and health reasons. 

Tabernanthe Iboga is now critically endangered and it is illegal to export from Gabon, mostly due to extreme Western demand and a lack of fair trade & ethical reciprocity. 

Pangea uses exclusively sustainable ibogaine hydrochloride derived from the voacanga africanis plant, which remains unthreatened. The total alkaloid T. iboga medicine used is grown in a sustainable plantation in Ghana, therefore not in violation of Gabonese law. **We know it is our duty to create a version of a truth and reconciliations movement, so to that end, Pangea donated many hours to the phenomenal ICEERS Ibogaine Initiative, which will be followed up by a second addition including field research. The purpose of this initiative is to cultivate practical reciprocity with knowledge keepers In Africa, as well as to unify a seemingly fractured global movement. You can find that report here: 

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