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Our Approach

The Pangea method is fundamentally harm reduction oriented, based on the revolutionary work of pioneers in the field, as people reclaim their agency and sovereignty while navigating a highly neuroplastic state in order to observe unconscious beliefs and behaviors. We serve the goals and health of each individual according to the principles of harm reduction with an egalitarian, compassionate relationship dynamic. Many of the tools used and the pace of dosing are determined by the client, as some people are able to access challenging psychological material more swiftly than others.


Our approach to opioid cessation, a version of which was utilized in the case study by Clare Wilkins et al published in the Journal of Psychedelic Studies, involves repeated, cumulative dosing of ibogaine between decreasing doses of methadone or other opioids until physical dependency has ceased. Dosing begins with a small, preliminary dose & continues until signs of withdrawal have disappeared. Over a period of weeks, the accumulation of ibogaine in the system surpasses that of single administration or “flood” dose. A “standard” threshold dose is usually equivalent to 1 gram of ibogaine HCL, depending on weight and metabolism, among other health factors.


This method is adapted to treat a variety of substance dependencies including anti-depressants, stimulants, and alcohol as well as other psychological & physical conditions including personal growth and compulsive behaviors. Ibogaine has also been used experimentally with success in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. The dosing protocol is individualized according to every client’s cardiovascular state, both their physical & psychological metabolism - that is, the rate at which they can comfortably process traumatic or painful material - as well as other considerations such as tendency toward anxiety, insomnia, and other co-morbidities. 


This method is based on the premise that iboga therapy is a form of an internal marathon, and that rest from this intense excavation into one’s identity structure & ontology seems to not only allow for integration but is welcomed by individuals as an opportunity to recuperate energy, eat, sleep & integrate insights. 


The myth that only high, threshold doses induce peak experiences & revelatory breakthroughs has been partially debunked by observations that cumulative lower doses of ibogaine allow for deeply desired insights and healing in a safe & more comfortable manner. The felt awarenesses gained then have a greater probability of practical incorporation into daily life than those that are generally only attained once with a single “flood” dose, which may be ephemeral, unintelligible and overwhelming. Ibogaine engenders a parasympathetic state after ingestion that can be difficult to maintain afterwards if one has not developed new healthy daily habits. With appropriate preparation and safety measures, psychological insights may be accessed, investigated & result in the conscious resolution of various issues, necessitating continued care and integration.



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