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Our Work

Founded in 2006 by Clare Wilkins, Pangea has continually refined and augmented our program in order to best serve each client in a comprehensive, secure and enduring manner. Today, we administer ibogaine in incremental, cumulative doses, usually over the course of several weeks. This allows each individual to gently acclimate to and develop a safe relationship with this unique medicine, while one's navigation of daily life and decision-making processes are benefitted by the neuroplastic, novelty inducing effects of iboga as well. 


This is known to provide a far gentler, and more humane experience, and in fact the individual usually receives far more than they would in a traditional "flood" dose, while being fruitful in the long-term. Daily practice allow realizations to be more readily integrated and anchored into one's approach to life and self-concept.

Our role is to meet our clients with respect to where they are when they arrive, establish clear and attainable goals together, and then identify unconscious and other inhibitory blocks. Health and wholeness are reestablished and expressed by using somatic therapy, meditation, exercise, radical self-compassion, inquiry techniques and play.

Our process includes a strong emphasis on nutrition. We use superfoods, pre- and probiotics, amino acids and plant extracts to replenish the body, strengthen the immune system and repair neurological damage caused by chemical dependencies, stress, traumas, or traumatic brain injuries. Each client is constructed a personalized nutritional protocol that is continually adjusted prior to, during and after treatment.

This approach can result in integral shifts in thinking and behavior, as well as a marked increase in quality of life. Many people with varying states of physical health are able to access their interoceptive, embodied intelligence and become agents for their own healing. Beyond that, we have observed that this process of self-discovery is an opportunity for clients to regenerate and reconnect not only with themselves, but also their economies, communities and personal relationships.

Ibogaine has been shown to be highly effective in treating acute chemical dependency. There is no other pharmacological tool that pierces uncontrollable habit-patterns as ibogaine does, reversing chemical tolerances, drastically reducing cravings & attenuating withdrawal symptoms so that the body"s natural sensitivity and openness towards sensation, endorphins & neurotransmitters can regenerate.


Rather than a passive, practitioner/patient process, this becomes a journey of active engagement and discovery of one's own sovereignty. While bringing shadow revelations to the surface, iboga can allow one to navigate this often terrifying material with increased awareness & objective perception. In addition to offering relief from physical withdrawal, iboga can prompt deep insight into behaviors that are physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially debilitating. This powerful tool known as a master plant can help guide us to create a world where we harm ourselves and others less, while engendering ever more love and kindness.

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