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The Benefits

Science is now beginning to prove what indigenous cultures and ancient wisdom have known all along: nothing exists independently of anything else. Having been educated in a dualistic, Cartesian world comprised of separate machine parts, we are still playing catch-up on a practical level in terms of how we approach disease and health. Rather than isolating parts and treating symptomatically, it is beneficial to treat the body, mind, and spirit in an integral way.

Many of our memories and habits become embodied physically, in the way that we move and how our bodies feel. Addressing the body directly relieves the stress that we place on it.

Some of the available forms of somatic therapy we encourage and offer, depending on location/availability are chiropractics, Neuro Emotional Training, deep tissue massage, thai massage, and acupuncture.

The best bodyworkers combine a vast knowledge of anatomy, with an understanding of the different networks or meridian systems connecting seemingly unrelated organs as illustrated by ancient medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They demonstrate an intuitive sensitivity to the subtle ways in which the body is communicating with the external world and ourselves, and how they are a living tapestry of our unique personalities and histories.

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