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Personal Growth

Our mission includes helping people achieve their optimal level of health. This can mean any number of different things.

Often times when people come to us they have an identity built around pain, addiction, depression, past traumas, or even just abstract notions of failure, confusion, or damaged self worth. Most of these states of being are natural results of choices and behaviors developed in order to navigate challenging life situations. Problems arise when the mind finds itself habituated to subtle and repeating patterns, and unable to find the inner resources to manifest short and long term visions.

Ibogaine energizes the body and mind so that they are able to overcome otherwise insurmountable or unseen barriers. This might mean the ability to look at challenging material that hasn’t been possible because of a lack of insight or a safe perspective. It might mean a space of deep inner quite and stillness, which has been inaccessible.

No matter how it takes form, what we are ultimately awakening to is that life is rich with epiphanies, especially in the most ordinary moments.

Through all of our practices, meditation training, yoga and exercise plans, diet and nutritional training, our ultimate purpose is to help people gain an understanding of their purpose, and to remove mental or emotional blockages to achieving their dreams.

Psychospiritual Growth and Addiction Treatment

We don’t like to differentiate our program too heavily between addiction and non-addiction treatments. From our perspective, nearly everyone expresses some form of addictive behaviour, and when we become aware of this part of ourselves it becomes a fruitful edge of growth for our meditations.

One useful model for understanding addiction is the philosophy on spiritual emergence developed by Stan and Christina Grof. They view addiction as one of several signs of a spiritual emergence. The word emergence here is meant to evoke the sense of crisis that they often contain, while expressing that these are often, if handled in an appropriate way, opportunities for personal growth.


We value this model because it’s been useful for us and so many of our clients to see addiction as a learning process, and healing as the next step on the continued path of awakening. Ibogaine makes it much more accessible to work within this framework.

For that reason, our psychospiritual program is often identical. In some cases, it is possible to work with fewer resources, but this is determined through an interview process, as well as an overview of medical tests.

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